The California Lemon Law protects consumers and small businesses who have leased or purchased a vehicle in California.  The California Lemon Law requires an automobile manufacturer, seller or dealer to pay for your attorney’s fees on a winning claim. This makes the law economically feasible for those who would not otherwise be in a position to hire an attorney. and our top rated lemon law attorneyRobert Stempler, have stood up to large companies by representing car and truck buyers since 1997.   Robert Stempler is an Avvo top rated attorney who puts his heart and soul into every client he takes on. He won’t charge prospective clients for phone consultations or online, email or fax case reviews.  Our clients do not pay in advance to have Robert handle their case involving lemon law, debt collection harassment, identity theft or false credit reporting. If you believe that you have purchased a lemon and want a full refund, contact us for a free case evaluation at 323-486-0102. 

Below is the urban dictionary meaning of the word Car Salesman. 

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“one who attempts to get you to buy a lemon. Sometimes, the car they want you to buy doesn’t even run”

When buying a motor vehicle, we entrust the dealer and manufacturer to have our best interests. Sometimes, that is not the case. The goal of the lemon law is to guard the interests of small businesses or individuals who have bought or leased vehicles (new & used) under the warranty of a manufacturer or the seller.  If the manufacturer or authorized dealer is unable to sufficiently repair a malfunctioning motor vehicle, than the owner or lessee would be entitled to a comparable new car or a refund. The lemon law case analysis helps determine what is probably a reasonable number of repair attempts to solve a vehicle’s defect and provide due compensation to the owner or lessee.

Many concerns with a motor vehicle constitute it being a lemon”.  Often times, when helping consumers, they are unclear of their rights.  We at will help you determine this.  Robert Stempler is a dedicated lemon law attorney, committed to recouping  damages for consumers since 1997. Let us make lemonade out of your lemon of a car!  We take your time and your case seriously. If you believe your car is a lemon, then contact us for a free evaluation.
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Not only is a defective motor vehicle or other consumer product frustrating, it may be costly and illegal if the seller or manufacturer refuses to stand behind its product.  Robert Stempler has stood up to large companies, having represented car and truck buyers, consumers and small business owners, in Southern California since 1997.  In fact, 2017 is Robert’s 25th year as a licensed California lawyer.  Robert is rated 10.0 on  Robert does not charge prospective clients for phone consultations or online, email or fax case reviews.  The client does not pay in advance to have Robert handle their lemon law case, debt collection harassment claims, identity theft or credit reporting claims.

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In California, the attorney-client relationship begins with the client and lawyer signing a written contract which states what the attorney will do for the client and how and when any fees and costs will be due and payable.  There is no fee for a FREE consultation with Mr. Stempler.  In many of the cases handled by Mr. Stempler, the fees and costs are not due until the completion of the case, after the other side (often referred to as the defendants) has paid an approved settlement amount or satisfied the judgment.   This is known as a contingency fee agreement, as the fee would be contingent on receiving a recovery from the other side.  In a contingency fee case, no payment is due and the fees and costs are deducted at the end from the amounts recovered from the other side, with the remainder going to the client.  If there is no recovery under a contingency fee case, then there would be no fee due.  Mr. Stempler also handles cases in which the fees and costs are due in advance, such as for collection lawsuit defense or helping to settle a civil money judgment against the client.  Please contact this office for specific information on your case.

Attorney’s Fees and the California Lemon Law

We provide free consultations, and we do not charge our clients any up-front fees.  The California Lemon Law and the Magnuson-Moss Consumer Warranty Act include an attorney’s fees provision which allows us to collect our hourly attorney’s fees and court costs from the automobile manufacturer at the successful resolution of the claim.  This makes pursuing almost all Lemon Law claims economically feasible for those who would otherwise not be in a position to hire an attorney.  Moreover, any applicable contingency fee would not be due until settlement proceeds are recovered.